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Geography intent

The Geography curriculum at Hillhouse aims to develop all children’s love of learning and curiosity about the world around them, both the wider world and their local environment, regardless of their background or personal experiences. They will experience a creative, broad and balanced curriculum which will equip them with a deepening knowledge and understanding of diverse places and cultures, as well as natural and human environments, while always comparing and contrasting this learning with their own personal experiences. The children will be encouraged to question and analyse each new topic they encounter. The children will become increasingly adept at locating different places using maps and globes, as well as understanding a broad range of geographical vocabulary and being able to confidently use this vocabulary in discussions and in their work. In addition, the children will be encouraged to develop an awareness of environmental issues, both linking to their current learning and to current world issues. This learning will be enriched through both specific topic-based visits and visitors coming in to the school to lead workshops and experiences.