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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Miss J Willcox - Headteacher
Teaching Staff 2 Mrs J Tollervey - Deptuy Headteacher & Senco
Teaching Staff 3 Mrs S Saunders - Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs N Savill - Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 5 Mrs Z Rodrigues - Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 6 Mrs C Earl - Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 7 Miss A Gallacher - Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 8 Mrs J Hogg - Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 9 Mrs H Johnson - Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 10 Mrs N Cowley - Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 11 Mrs J Brown - Class Teacher
Teaching Staff 12 Mrs S Anderson - Class Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Miss D Chilcott
Teaching Assistants 2 Miss J Ellis
Teaching Assistants 3 Miss S Wade
Teaching Assistants 4 Mrs K Hunter
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs C Kirby
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs J Pegrum
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs S Pendleton
Teaching Assistants 8 Mrs A St Ledger
Teaching Assistants 9 Mrs S Parry
Teaching Assistants 10 Mrs M Lennon

Learning Support Assistants

Learning Support Assistants 1 Mrs M Smith
Learning Support Assistants 2 Mrs S Woodward
Learning Support Assistants 3 Miss K Pearce
Learning Support Assistants 4 Mrs J Lawrence
Learning Support Assistants 5 Mrs P Deaney
Learning Support Assistants 6 Mrs K Harvey
Learning Support Assistants 7 Mrs S Saul
Learning Support Assistants 8 Mrs K Scanlon

Midday Assistants

Midday Assistants 1 Mrs M Smith
Midday Assistants 2 Mrs M Brown
Midday Assistants 3 Mrs E Bushnell
Midday Assistants 4 Mrs T Caitlin
Midday Assistants 5 Mrs K Hunter
Midday Assistants 6 Mrs S Oliver
Midday Assistants 7 Mrs G Osborne
Midday Assistants 8 Miss E Pascali
Midday Assistants 9 Mrs S Saul
Midday Assistants 10 Miss K Day
Midday Assistants 11 Mrs M Lennon
Midday Assistants 12 Mrs J Lawrence
Midday Assistants 13 Mrs S Woodward
Midday Assistants 14 Miss A Smith
Midday Assistants 15 Mrs J Webb
Midday Assistants 16 Mrs L Fishenden

Breakfast Club Staff

Breakfast Club Staff 1 Miss D Chilcott
Breakfast Club Staff 2 Miss T Smith

After School Club Staff

After School Club Staff 1 Miss N Murphy
After School Club Staff 2 Mrs T Wright
After School Club Staff 3 Mrs M Smith

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs A Kipps
Office Staff 2 Mrs K Verrier
Office Staff 3 Mrs T Darling

Premises Staff

Premises Staff 1 Mr S Kipps - Caretaker
Premises Staff 2 Miss T Smith - Cleaner

Catering Staff

Catering Staff 1 Mrs T Townley
Catering Staff 2 Mrs M Rizzo
Catering Staff 3 Mrs D Brown