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Survey Results


Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.  I was so pleased to receive 125 responses.

Thank you for all the positive comments and for some good ideas. As a school, I am proud of the quality and quantity of the varied offers of work we are providing. It was lovely to hear so many of you agree.



Too Much 

Just right

Not enough






Years 1 and 2



Years 3 and 4



Years 5 and 6




I realised I should have put the children’s name option on the questionnaire (which I did later on). For the parents who feel there is not enough work, please email me directly and I will support you. If you feel your child has too much work, please contact their teacher to help you prioritise what work would be most beneficial to complete.


Live lessons

15 people requested more live lessons. We will not be increasing our live offer due to the numbers of children accessing it. Although, Swans and Reception are doing really well. Some families prefer to work via the recorded links and paper copies, which is fine, but the teachers have to plan and prepare for all three options as well as monitoring emails, welfare phone calls, Facebook and mark the work that is submitted.



Average attendance at lives. This includes children  in school


17/20   85%


18/22  82%


23/30   77%


16/29   55%


19/29   66%


20/30   67%


20/29  69%


17/29   59%


17/29   59%


19/30   63%


21/24   88% 


We will however, be offering additional one off lives, such as Science. Please look out for these dates and times.

Interaction with the school. In response to some parents saying their child is missing interaction with friends and adults from school, we have sent out an invitation to all children to attend two 1-1 reading sessions with a teaching assistant. They can read their book and have a catch up. If you missed this email, they are saved on the website under your child’s class page. We are also going to be organising a less formal live meeting for the children to catch up with their friends the week before half term.

Free choice Friday afternoons. 120/125 said yes to this. This came about because I am worried about the screen time children are having, parents needing some leeway for catching up with work or some physical/ creative time. Teachers are incorporating this into the weekly planning.

Sharing achievement. A parent suggested it would be lovely for the children to be able to share their other achievements once a week on just a plain assignment.  This is a lovely idea and Mrs Saunders has set the children up in their classwork page a section called January/February 2021 sharing space. The children can upload and share non-classwork related things they are proud of, for us to see. 

You Tube support videos

Mrs Saunders will be making some more help videos. Please keep an eye on our channel.

Thank you for your continued support and patience whilst we iron out technical teething problems. Please remember you are able to change reading books and collect paper work packs on Mondays 9am -3pm.  If you need support, please contact us via google classrooms or email


Stay safe

Miss Willcox